Poem: I hear something…

I hear something…

A Silent Voice.

Wordless Words.

Numinous Vibrations.

Speaking Compassion.

And Wisdom.




I feel something…

It is a thick warmth. That resides in the center of my chest.

It is always there but easily ignored.

But when I am still.

When I am quiet.

I recognize it.

If I surrender to it,


the warmth spreads through my body.

Filling my head.

Gently pushing out the racing thoughts until I am completely present.

With It.

I feel something…

Opening me.

Petal by Petal.



As Spring opens her First Rose.


Something inside of me that isn’t me.

How do I know it isn’t me?

Because I am the one who hears It.

Because I am the one who feels It.

Because I am the one who witnesses It.

But I am not it.

It knows Me.

But I do not know It.