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For most of my life I was an Evangelical Christian. I grew up in the Bible Belt. Eventually I earned an MDiv. I started and pastored a church for about 3 years. In my mid 30’s the doubts began to whisper in my soul. I had managed to fight off the doubts at different stages of my life with Christian Apologetics. I came to some superficial resolutions on some things and dismissed other things as irresolvable. But the doubts festered until at age 50 I decided I had to face them. I had just married and my wife was pregnant. I had to resolve my questions about my Evangelical Christian faith. I decided to follow the truth wherever it lead. Within a year it led me out of Evangelical Christianity. I joined a wonderful liberal Lutheran Church. Within eight months I followed the truth out of Christianity. I recently started attending a Unitarian Universalist Church after about 6 or 8 months of not attending anywhere. I feel like I am settling down a little bit. After wandering in the wilderness for a couple years, not knowing where I was going, I have arrived in a place I am ready to settle. I am ready to Reconstruct.