Poem: I hear something…

I hear something…

A Silent Voice.

Wordless Words.

Numinous Vibrations.

Speaking Compassion.

And Wisdom.




I feel something…

It is a thick warmth. That resides in the center of my chest.

It is always there but easily ignored.

But when I am still.

When I am quiet.

I recognize it.

If I surrender to it,


the warmth spreads through my body.

Filling my head.

Gently pushing out the racing thoughts until I am completely present.

With It.

I feel something…

Opening me.

Petal by Petal.



As Spring opens her First Rose.


Something inside of me that isn’t me.

How do I know it isn’t me?

Because I am the one who hears It.

Because I am the one who feels It.

Because I am the one who witnesses It.

But I am not it.

It knows Me.

But I do not know It.

6 thoughts on “Poem: I hear something…

  1. It’s real nice writing Chris. I’m glad the Holy Spirit is still working in you. God is love and He demonstrated it by sends by Jesus to die for our sins.
    Reality is we live in a very evil world. It is what it is. You will never be able to run so far that God can’t restore you!! Just don’t run to far because I don’t want you to end up in the belly of a whale like Jonas. 😊
    I have a very difficult time thinking after receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior you can return the unearned and free gift of salvation.
    I’m going to write a poem💕lol


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